Air Freight to Australia

Last updated: 11/05/2023

Air Freight Shipping to Australia

Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With varied cultures, varied landscapes, and varying business opportunities it is a land that provides much for many.

As of now, there are estimated to be over 1 million Brits that have chosen to live on the other side of the world, each with varying reasons as to why they chose Australia over anywhere else in the world.

It isn’t just popular with those looking to emigrate though. Current trading figures show that £10.6 billion of products was exported from the UK to Australia in 2022 with $4.4 billion worth heading the other way.

How does it get there though? In many cases, through air freight services. A fast and reliable way for items to get across the world safely and compliantly. In most cases, air freight to Australia can take just 3 days!

At PBS International, we are proud to be well-known and respected international freight forwarders and in our more than 20 years of helping facilitate the transport of cargo, we have finessed the methods to ensure your items arrive in Australia by air freight when and where they are meant to.

Where other freight forwarders may not be able to fulfil the needs of your business or your relocation, we are delighted to be able to offer air freight services to Australia that cover personal effects shipping as well as the specialised freight services that many carriers are unable to fulfil.

This means that subject to the latest import and export laws, items classed as either hazardous, dangerous, or too big for certain carriers can be transported by air to Australia easily.

With the addition of our road freight services, you can further benefit from PBS International as our global network enables the delivery of items from door to door. With PBS International every part of your cargo’s journey is looked after, from loading to landing.

Being registered with IATA helps to enhance that not only do we claim to provide excellent service but we are recognised for it too. This esteemed membership helps solidify that we can help you have your cargo, no matter what type it is (subject to local laws), get where it needs to.

Air freight UK to Australia

Using air freight to ship your goods from the UK to Australia is the quickest way to ensure your items arrive as and when you want them to. With an estimated 3-5 days delivery time, your cargo can arrive in a timely manner.

Thanks to the established relationships we have built with both carriers and airports we can enable a hassle-free, worry-free, and cost-effective way for your items to arrive safely at their Australian destination.

Whether you need to have items fly into Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane or anywhere else across the vast Australian landscape, our team at PBS International can make sure it happens. We don’t stop there though. As part of our service, we can guide you through all the relevant paperwork to enable your items to be transported via air freight to Australia from the UK. Saving you from confusion and additional expense whilst you try and keep your relocation plans on track or keep an eye on the rest of your business.

We can even assist with the packing of goods too! Better yet, thanks to the way we operate, once the items land in Australia they will be carefully handled and passed through customs to enable them to move on to the next part of their journey. And should the items not need to be flown out to Australia immediately, our warehousing and storage facility means items can be kept safe before departure.

Air freight shipping UK to Australia is made so simple with PBS International, simply get a bespoke air freight shipping quote and see how much you can save against other freight forwarding companies.

Air freight Australia to UK

Whether it be to export goods from Australia to the UK by air freight or whether there is a relocation process underway, PBS International can help facilitate the movement of your cargo. Despite being based in the UK, our comprehensive network means that the process made so simple back in the UK can be carried out with just the same simplicity in Australia. Our two offices are also based in the two leading UK airports, Gatwick and Heathrow so there is always someone on hand to help once your goods land in the UK.

Our relationships with the airports throughout Australia are just the same as the ones we have with the airports in the UK meaning you can remain fully confident of a fully transparent, seamless process for getting items shipped by air freight from Australia to the UK.

Mirroring what we offer in the UK, we can help enable a fully managed service from loading to landing so that you can remain fully confident of the safe, reliable, and timely transportation of your air freight to the UK from Australia. Simply contact our team today to find out how.

Air freight rates to Australia

If you are looking to send items to Australia via air, it would be best to look at the items you are shipping, where they need to fly from and where they are flying to. These are just some of the factors that can determine how much it will cost for you to send items to Australia by air.

You should also consider whether your items can be carried via air. Many carriers restrict or forbid certain items from going on board. At PBS International our air freight services factor in the potential for shipping hazardous items and will work with you to have your items shipped via specialist charter airlines.

Freight shipping by air to Australia is the quickest method to get your cargo to the other side of the world but it can also be the most expensive. That is why at PBS International we offer a fully transparent service. We want you to find the best possible options for your freight shipping and will offer a unique quote that is completely built around your needs. This means there are no hidden fees or surprise costs.

Simply get your bespoke air freight shipping quote and we will factor in all of your requirements to give you a price that is tailor-made to your needs.

Where items are unable to be shipped via air, we can offer a sea freight shipping service that works to the same high standards as our air freight shipping to Australia.


Requirements to ship items to Australia by air

Australia is a country relaxed in nature but it takes the movement of cargo very seriously so all documentation must be completed correctly if you want your items to reach their destination.

From the end of May 2023, there will be a free trade agreement (FTA) between the UK and Australia which will mean more flexibility in the rules of items being exported but with rules always subject to change, we have listed the most common documents you currently need and are likely to continue needing when shipping items via air to Australia:

  • A Commercial invoice is perhaps the most important document and confirms the agreement between buyer and seller.
  • The Packing list will show what is being shipped, with full descriptions, weight, type of packaging and much more.
  • A Certificate of origin is necessary to determine any customs charges. Now that Britain and Australia will have an FTA, the charges will either be zero or reduced.
  • An ATA Carnet will only be needed if items are being shipped temporarily for exhibitions or events.
  • Air waybills allow the cargo to be tracked and provide information about the items being shipped. These differ from the waybills used when transporting sea freight.
  • The Single Administrative Document declares exports to customs officials.

Other documents may be required, and this can depend on what you are shipping. Our team at PBS International will be able to advise you on what documentation is required and help you with completing it should there be any confusion.


Controlled goods Australia

Australia is very proud of how it protects its borders and this is in part due to the control of items coming into the country. With the added protection this brings the country can thrive whilst also not harming its trade relationships. If you are looking to send freight to Australia by air, you will need to be aware of the items that are currently restricted or prohibited. If you attempt to send them or even have them arrive in the country, you will likely have them seized and destroyed. You may even face prosecution.

Restricted items Australia

The below list is just a selection of the vast number of items that have restrictions on them. With these items, you may require special permits and will need to declare them. Please note this list is subject to review and could change at any time.

  • Equipment for fishing or hiking
  • Fixed blade knives
  • Fur or leather hides
  • Nuts and products containing nuts
  • Alcohol
  • Items made from feathers
  • Certain plants such as Kava
  • Pet food
  • Sedatives
  • Seashells, fossils or rocks

This is by no means the complete list but represents some of the most common items that the Australian Border Force has had to confiscate when there has been either no permit or no declaration.

Prohibited items Australia

As well as having a selection of items that have restrictions placed on them, many others are not allowed into Australia. Like the list above, this is subject to change at any time so always contact PBS International for the latest update with regards to prohibited goods.

  • Cats and dogs
  • Electric shock devices
  • Fireworks
  • Imitation firearms
  • Live plants
  • Animals classed as unique or exotic

One thing to note in particular with prohibited items is that some are in fact allowed into the country if their use is for a government purpose or for reasons such as making a film. Before sending any air freight to Australia you should always check with PBS International first as to whether your items now appear on a list of restricted or prohibited items.

Why choose PBS International for cheap air freight to Australia

PBS International operate differently from many freight forwarders, our unique quotes are customised to your exact needs, meaning you never overspend and are never surprised by additional costs.

Aside from helping you make a saving; we also assist you with each part of having your goods arrive in Australia via air freight services. Everything from loading to landing is taken care of and our team will ensure that they work alongside you to answer any questions you may have. Whether that be about how long your goods will take, what paperwork needs completing, or whether your items can be shipped there.

Our impressive global network means that at both ends of the process, there is an expert team on hand to ensure your cargo arrives safely and is carefully looked after right up until it reaches its final destination.

Air Freight to Australia FAQs

How long does it take to for air freight shipping to get to Australia from UK?

In most cases, air freight shipping can get to Australia from the UK in 3-5 days. Shipping freight by air is the quickest way but can also be the most expensive. Get your own unique air freight shipping quote today or contact us for more information

Prices for shipping cargo to Australia will vary on factors such as what you are shipping, its size and where it departs from and is scheduled to arrive. To give you the most cost-effective air freight shipping, PBS International offer a bespoke quote that is cultivated to your exact needs.

Certain items will require an export licence. We would recommend speaking to our team to find out the latest information on what items require such permits.

Yes! If you choose PBS International. Where many freight forwarding companies say no to personal effects shipping, we are more than happy to help. We can even help pack and store your items if need be.

In many cases, yes, although some items just simply are not allowed on any type of aircraft for safety reasons. Where this becomes the case, we can offer sea freight shipping.

Should shipping by air still be possible but not with the more traditional carriers, we do offer a specialist freight service where items that may be classed as more hazardous can be safely sent via air.

Yes, our warehouse and storage service allows items to be held until departure or customs clearance.

Yes! PBS International offer warehouse and storage facilities so that your cargo can be safely stored before boarding. We can also hold items that have arrived from Hong Kong too. Ask our team about our unique and comprehensive warehousing service.

Contact the Shipping Experts

We have a team of experts in Air, Sea and Road shipping ready to help you get your goods to where they need to be. We also have Warehouse and Storage services available. If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in contact.
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