Freight Shipping to USA

Last updated: 17/01/2023

Shipping Freight to the USA

Having your freight shipped to the USA does not have to be difficult. In fact, PBS International Freight Limited make it easy! Offering a wide range of freight shipping options, our worldwide network ensures that no matter what you want to ship, it can be done hassle-free.

For over 20 years we have perfected the transportation of your goods to the USA and work alongside fellow experts on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure a smooth transition of your freight.

So, no matter how you want your items transported, whether it be by sea, or by air, speak to us at PBS International and discover how easy it is to have your freight moved to the USA.

Make Shipping freight to the USA easy with PBS International

No matter which part of the USA you need your freight to reach, our extensive services in both the import and export sectors make it easy for your goods to reach the destination you want them to. Whether that be New York, or New Mexico, Florida or Chicago, our team help you ship your consignment without fear across the vast landscape the USA covers. By land, air or sea, PBS International make sure your freight arrives safely and on time.

Air freight services to the USA

As an established air freight shipping company, PBS International have been ensuring premium, safe and professional transportation of freight to the USA for over 20 years.

With access to major and minor airports throughout the USA, our team have, over the years, built up significant relationships with carriers ensuring that not only do you get the best value transport of your goods but the fastest too.

Working with a variety of industries has meant that we have shipped practically any type of goods you can think of. From pets to plastics, from aviation equipment to ammunition, our team can guarantee the perfect execution of the freight forwarding process.

Should you require a specialised service that excels in the handling of dangerous substances or equipment that is perhaps not covered by the scheduled carriers, then PBS International can help there too. Our specialised freight services mean that there are no hurdles having your freight shipped by air to the USA.

Sea freight to the USA

Often chosen when the delivery of freight isn’t urgent, sea shipping your freight to the USA can be another fantastic cost-effective option for you to consider.

In the years that PBS International has been operating, much like with our air services, we have built up an established and reputable reputation with major ports in both the UK and the USA. This has helped facilitate a reliable, smooth, and trustworthy transition of goods from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other. With a wide range of sea freight shipping services available, our expert team would be delighted to help facilitate the transportation of your goods.

With sea freight transportation being able to handle goods of all sizes, volumes and types, it is often seen as a highly versatile way to get your products from the UK to the USA. Furthermore, should you only have a small load to transport, PBS International can group together smaller shipments, something many other sea freight companies do not currently accommodate. Not only does this help reduce your costs, but it keeps your promise of delivering your freight.

Road freight to the USA

Despite the vast distance between the two countries, there are times when transporting freight by road is also an option to consider. This can be especially important when the final destination is a significant distance from the air or seaport. The freight can then be carefully transported via road by a professional road freight services company to a more remote destination that may not have as much access as a big city or town. We can help organise this cost-effective method easily, so get in touch today!

The cost of shipping freight to the USA

The costs to ship freight to the USA will vary depending on the way you wish it to be transported and among other things, the type of freight you have and the overall size of your load. Sea freight will commonly be the cheapest method but is the method that takes the longest. Air freight on the other hand will be more expensive but can be significantly quicker.

At PBS International, we offer competitive rates on all methods of freight forwarding and work with you to ensure your needs are met in both a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. This is why we provide individual quotes for each customer. This way you get the best possible price for the type and size of shipment you are looking to transport.

Storing freight for shipment to the USA

Safe storage of cargo is vital for the shipment to be carried out correctly and at PBS International we pride ourselves on the standard that we operate to. With warehouses in both Gatwick and Heathrow, we can offer storage and cargo handling facilities so that your freight is looked after to the highest possible level.


Booking freight shipping to the USA

We want to make the process as simple as possible for anybody that needs to ship freight to the USA. With offices at the two busiest airports in the UK, Gatwick and Heathrow, we are on hand to expertly and efficiently help you get your freight forwarding booked exactly as you need it to be. Simply request a quote or contact us for more information and to get the process started.

Shipping to USA FAQs

How long does sea freight take from the UK to the USA?

Shipping by sea is perhaps the slowest method but can also be the cheapest method when it comes to sending freight to the USA. We work to ensure your goods can arrive in the USA as soon as possible. Current routes mean that you can expect items travelling from the UK to take anything from 20 days to 40 days port to port. If shipping from the USA to the UK, you can expect a timescale of 30-40 days.

Shipping freight via air is the quickest way to get your good from one place to another but an cost more. That is why we always recommend securing a quote before booking anything. That way you can weigh up your costs and see what is more practical for you. On average, goods shipped to the USA via air can take 1-5 days with items coming in the opposite direction taking roughly the same.

Depending on what items you are shipping will determine what, if any, license you may need. Many countries have restrictions on certain items. Should you be unsure. Simply contact us to find out the best option for you.

Yes, we manage the full process of getting your goods from the UK to the USA and this includes storing the items in one of our approved warehouse facilities. We will even guide you through any of the paperwork for all stages of storage, shipment, and receipt of the items.

Certain materials such as hazardous materials, flammable materials or firearms can pose some difficulties with freight forwarders. With PBS International, however, it is made easy. Simply find out more by reading up on the specialised freight services we offer.

Yes! Many freight forwarders tend to avoid dealing with personal effects but at PBS we are happy to help facilitate the transportation of any of your goods. Personal effects shipping comes in a variety of levels to suit the budget and the packaging that the items require. Simply get in touch to find out how easy we can make your relocation to the USA.

Yes! PBS International have many years of shipping goods across the world. Find out more about the global freight services we offer.

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