Freight Shipping to New Zealand

Last updated: 15/03/2023

Shipping Freight to New Zealand

Freight shipping to New Zealand may be seen as a difficult process, it is on the other side of the world after all! Luckily with the freight forwarding experts PBS International Freight Limited, there are no difficulties whatsoever.

Our global network of freight shipping experts means that whether you need to get something to Auckland or Christchurch, Dunedin or Gisborne, it can be done with minimal worry and stress.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in helping people get their goods abroad. Whether it be personal effects shipping when you are relocating or the transportation of items for business,  let us take care of the safe, seamless movement of your freight to New Zealand.

Shipping your freight to New Zealand easily

With extensive services in both the import and export sectors, PBS International can facilitate the movement of freight to New Zealand easily. With goods able to be shipped by air, sea or road, we can ensure your items reach any destination in New Zealand you need them to.

Guaranteeing their safe, timely and careful delivery means that the whole process can be taken care of without any worry, We can even help with any of the shipping paperwork and legal requirements your goods may require.

How you ship them is down to you.

Shipping freight to New Zealand by air

Offering a premium and reliable service, our team at PBS International has been ensuring a smooth and easy option for getting your goods to the other side of the world for more than twenty years.

With access to major and minor airports in New Zealand, we make sure that not only will you benefit from the quickest method to send your freight, but we endeavour to give you the fairest prices too. Customising each persons needs to a bespoke freight shipping quote means we make sure you get the best possible value for air freight shipping to New Zealand no matter the time of year.

With an estimated timescale of 3-6 days, your goods can be safely stored, transported by air and received quickly and efficiently.

We understand that needs change and freight shipping requirements may vary and over the years, we have shipped practically any item to New Zealand. Thanks to our specialised freight services we can help you ship items that scheduled carriers may often refuse. Should it be pets or plastics, metals or toxins, our methods allow for the safe and reliable shipping of goods to New Zealand.


Shipping freight to New Zealand by sea

The distance between New Zealand and the UK is a huge 11,400 miles and whilst a plane may cover that mileage relatively quickly in comparison to a boat, it doesn’t offer quite the same flexibility.

Sea freight shipping may be the slowest method of getting goods to New Zealand from the UK but it does also allow for more or less anything to be transported subject to local regulations. This highly versatile method of freight shipping means that goods of any size, volume or type can be safely stowed upon a ship and sent to your chosen New Zealand port.

Cost-effective, flexible and reliable, shipping freight to New Zealand by sea is easy when you chose PBS International. Much like with the airlines and airports that we have built relationships with, our reputation has enabled us to build similar relationships with sea carriers and ports. This means that you can benefit from a smooth, reliable and trustworthy movement of your items from the UK to New Zealand.

In addition, where other carriers may require full loads only, we ensure that smaller consignments can also be shipped to your chosen destination. Not only does this help keep your promise of goods being received on time, but it also keeps your costs down as we will combine smaller shipments to ensure everything sets sail when it should.

With port-to-port as well as door-to-door services available, PBS International can make the safe transportation of your cargo easy and worry-free.


Shipping to New Zealand by road

Whether you have chosen to send goods to New Zealand by air or sea, there is every chance the final leg of the journey will need to be completed by road. If so, you can speak to our team to help make sure the transportation of your freight is complete. Our road freight services provide a cost-effective and practical way to make sure your items get to where they need to be. With door-to-door shipping as well as assistance with border and customs controls, opting for PBS International to help with the last stages of your freight shipping to New Zealand by road helps you keep promises to clients as well as ensures your goods arrive when and where you need them to.

Cost-effective freight shipping to New Zealand

Sending anything to New Zealand is possible with PBS International and whilst we cannot promise it will be cheap, we can promise a fully transparent, cost-effective and unique quote will be given to you no matter what method of freight shipping you choose.  With this competitive and open way of pricing, we can be certain choosing PBS will save you money.

Ultimately the cost of shipping freight to New Zealand depends on a few factors. What you are shipping, when you are shipping it, and then how its size and volume. No matter what you want to ship, speak to our team so you can get the best possible price.


Customs clearance for shipping to New Zealand

As with any country, there are specific rules around imports and exports and New Zealand is no different. Whilst we will help you ship anything from the UK to New Zealand, we must always be mindful of what can and cannot enter the country. Should you have any queries about what can be shipped to New Zealand, simply ask us or visit the New Zealand customs website. Should the goods you wish to send to the country not fall foul of the restrictions you may be required to send the following documentation with the shipment:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Letter confirming payment terms
  • Correct bill for air or sea freight

As always, ask us for the most up-to-date information so that we can ensure you get the best possible service for sending your cargo to New Zealand.

Storing freight for shipping to New Zealand

Being one of the small number of companies approved by HM Customs and Excise to operate its own Enhanced Remote Transit Shed, PBS International can store items not yet cleared by customs and have clearance arranged at your convenience.  Furthermore, our warehousing and storage service means we can safely pack, store and protect your items before shipping them to New Zealand. With bespoke packing available as well as expert cargo handling facilities, PBS International can store, manage and re-distribute your items as per your requirements. This additional service is just one further aspect of why PBS International can help create a seamless transition of your items from the UK to New Zealand.

Booking freight shipping to New Zealand

We make the whole process of shipping freight to New Zealand, quick, easy and hassle-free. Simply enquire today to find out how we can help make it happen for you. Our team can help with all the relevant legal paperwork as well as advise on the best methods for the items you wish to transport. Contact us today so we can ship it tomorrow!

Freight Shipping To New Zealand FAQs

How long does it take to ship freight to New Zealand by air?

Shipping freight to New Zealand by air is the fastest way to get your items to your chosen destination. It is though, also the most expensive. Commonly used for items that require an immediate dispatch or may be smaller in size, you can expect items to reach New Zealand in 3-6 days by air.

Some items may not be accepted by traditional carriers so you may want to consider specialised freight services in some cases.

Shipping freight to New Zealand by sea is the slowest method but also one of the most cost-effective ways to get your freight to the other side of the world. With more flexibility in terms of the goods you can transport, shipping freight by sea is often preferred when larger items need to be moved. Typical port-to-port estimations show that freight an get to New Zealand from the UK by sea in approximately 50-60 days.

The cost of freight shipping to New Zealand will all depend on the method you chose to use, the items you wish to transport and the volume and size of the goods. At PBS International we offer competitive rates across all methods of freight shipping and ensure that all of our personalised quotes are curated to your exact needs.

New Zealand has some strict rules on which items can enter the country. As with any rules and regulations, they are subject to change. For the latest information, feel free to contact us at any time.

Many freight forwarders will not help ship personal or household items. At PBS International we never like to say no so will always look to help with your relocation plans. Our team can help guide you through the process to ensure that your move to New Zealand can go without a hitch.

Certain items may be deemed hazardous and pose difficulties for some freight forwarding companies. Items that are flammable, contain hazardous materials or need to be transported in controlled environments require special transportation and at PBS International, thanks to our specialised freight services, we can help organise that.

Yes! At PBS we have many years of experience in helping get items transported across the globe. Find out more about how we can get you your items reliably transported to over 200 countries with our global freight shipping services.

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