Freight Shipping to Australia

Last updated: 18/01/2023

Shipping freight to Australia

Whether you are moving to Australia or simply sending important cargo to the other side of the world, PBS International can help facilitate the easy, seamless movement of freight for you with our highly efficient freight services.

Established over 20 years ago and becoming leading freight shippers, our team of dedicated cargo-handling experts can help you ship your goods anywhere in Australia. With connections at many Australian airports and seaports, your items can be shipped from the UK to Australia without any need to worry whether they will make it to your destination.

With an easy-to-understand process and full assistance throughout, PBS International make freight shipping to Australia easier, quicker, and ultimately less stressful.

Discover more about our services that help have your freight shipped to Australia below.


Ship your freight to Australia easily with PBS International

Australia is a large country and freight can require thousands of miles worth of travel to get from one point to the next and that is just once it is in the country! With PBS International, our extensive services help make the journey from the host country to Australia and onwards easy to facilitate and easy to understand. Whether your goods need to arrive in Perth or Sydney, Darwin or Adelaide, and anywhere in between, let PBS make the shipping of freight by land, air, or sea a simple task and one where your freight arrives safely and when it should.

Air freight to Australia

Shipping freight by air to Australia is by far the easiest and quickest method to have your cargo arrive on the other side of the world. Whilst it can be more expensive than other forms of shipping, if freight delivery needs to be expedited, using air transport is likely the best option.

With the years of experience we have as an air freight services company, we have forged fantastic relationships with not just the carriers but the airports too, both major and minor. This ensures that you always receive the best value shipping for your freight. Not only that but working alongside a vast array of industries has meant that we have perfected the art of shipping all types of goods any time of year. Should it be animals or antiques, cars or clothing, perhaps even hazardous substances or ammunition, the team at PBS make air freight shipping to Australia quick but also safe.

In fact, should you require a specialised type of shipping where items that are not commonly covered by scheduled carriers we can help there too. Our specialised freight services mean that there are no obstacles in your way to having items shipped to Australia.

Sea freight shipping to Australia

Some items are better shipped by sea and at PBS International we are well-versed in ensuring cargo can get to Australia by sea should it be necessary. Often seen as a more cost-effective option but one that can take longer for goods to arrive, sea freight shipping is commonly used by companies or individuals that have more flexible time constraints on the delivery of their items.

Able to carry goods of all weights and sizes, sea freight shipping to Australia is an extremely beneficial way to transport your items in more ways than one. At PBS, we endeavour to save you money so should you only have a small load to ship, we can help. Many shipping companies will not group together smaller shipments leading to businesses having to pay almost the same as they would if shipping a full load. At PBS we will always prioritise your cargo, so to reduce costs to you but keep your promise of delivery, smaller shipments can be grouped meaning your goods will always arrive when they need to.

Much like with the relationships we have built with airports in Australia, we have also ensured that we uphold the same standards with the seaports of Australia. This has helped us construct a system that guarantees a reliable, smooth and fully trustworthy process when your goods are shipped to Australia.

Road freight shipping to Australia

Australia may be an island and as a result, sea and air shipping is commonly the first port of call when it comes to getting your freight from the UK to Australia. However, once it arrives, there can be some considerable distance between the air or seaport and the final destination. Our team of expert freight forwarders can carefully help orchestrate the process so that your goods are safely and timely transported to where they need to be. This is often a leg of the journey not taken into consideration when shipping freight to Australia so speak to our team about how road freight services can easily be factored into the movement of your cargo.

Freight shipping costs

To ship your freight to Australia will vary in cost depending on the type of cargo you are transporting and the way you want it to be transported. The size of the freight will also be factored in among other things. As a result, it is best to get a fully personalised quote first to discover the best option for you. Typically, shipping by sea is the cheapest method but can take considerably longer than air which is, of course, the quickest and therefore more expensive option.

At PBS International, we work alongside you to find the best possible option for your needs. We weigh up the cost and time implications to give you a host of options that match your requirements. Then when you are happy, we can proceed and ensure your freight is shipped correctly and in the method you prefer.

Freight storage for cargo to Australia

In some cases, your freight may need to be stored well in advance of its next movement and at PBS International, we pride ourselves on the standards we adhere to when it comes to looking after your cargo. With our two warehouses, one in Gatwick and one in Heathrow, we can safely store your items until the next stage of the journey to Australia is ready to be embarked upon. Our team will be able to assist with any freight forwarding & storage requirements you may have.

Booking freight shipping to Australia

Booking your freight to be shipped to Australia is easy when you use PBS International. Our teams make the entire process simple so that you have no need for concern at any stage of the journey. Handling your requests quickly and efficiently, your freight forwarding to Australia will be booked just as you need it to be. Simply request a quote or get in touch, we would be delighted to help.

Freight Shipping To Australia FAQs

How long does it take to ship freight to Australia by sea?

Shipping your cargo to Australia by sea is the slower method but it is often the cheapest. You can expect goods to ship from the UK and arrive in Australia around 50-60 days after leaving port. Speak to us today about sea freight shipping to discover how we can help.

Air freight shipping is the quickest method and can typically take anything from 3-10 days to arrive in Australia from the UK. Our team will be able to advise on whether there are any issues with these timescales. Contact them today!

This will depend on the items being shipped. Many countries have restrictions on items and many others do not. The best option is to speak to us first to avoid any issues with the shipment of your goods. We can then advise what, if any license is required.

Yes! We can manage the full process of getting your freight from the UK to Australia and this includes storage. With our two warehouses, located at the busiest UK airports, we make the process simple. We will even help guide you through the paperwork processes needed for all stages of storage, shipping and receipt of items.

Many freight forwarding companies are reluctant to take on the shipping of personal effects. At PBS International though, we love nothing more. If you are relocating, we wish you the best of luck and want to help! We have built several packages around personal effects shipping so that any budget or requirement can be matched. Just get in contact with the team to see how easy we can help make your relocation to Australia.

Certain items may be deemed hazardous and pose difficulties for some freight forwarding companies. Items that are flammable, contain hazardous materials or need to be transported in controlled environments require special transportation and at PBS International, thanks to our specialised freight services, we can help organise that.

Yes! At PBS we have many years of experience in helping get items transported across the globe. Find out more about how we can get you your items reliably transported to over 200 countries with our global freight shipping services.

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