Air Freight Shipping to China

Last updated: 09/05/2023

Shipping freight to China by air

China is a huge country and one that is a hub of activity for cargo being shipped both in and out of it. Many of the most famous brands from around the world manufacture items in China and ship them globally whilst many people, enticed by the Far East relocate to China too. As a result, an air freight service like that offered by PBS International is the best way to get items sent to or from China.

Having helped facilitate freight movement for over 20 years, PBS International are a trusted name for helping both commercial freight shipping and personal effects shipping get completed. We operate with the customer at both ends of the process ensuring that a fully transparent service is always offered. This even extends to cargo reaching your door. Our service doesn’t stop when your plane lands, incorporating a road freight service means we can operate a true door-to-door freight service from the UK to China and vice versa.

Air shipping is the fastest way to get items from one place to another but in some cases, freight forwarding companies can be reluctant to ship all types of cargo, especially via the more traditional carriers. Luckily, with PBS International there is no such worry. Our specialised freight services mean that hazardous items, pets and much more can be easily sent via air freight shipping to China. Likewise, the same process can be enabled to send items from China to the UK.

Air freight from China to UK

So much is dispatched from China and if you own a business with items manufactured there, speaking with PBS International could see you save money on getting those goods into the UK. Our vast network of contacts throughout China and the UK allows for seamless air freight shipping from China to the UK. With cost-effectiveness as well as the quality of service paramount to us, you can rest assured that the items you ship from China to the UK can be moved safely, efficiently and at a price that doesn’t harm your bottom line.

Perhaps you have a business in China and are looking to organise getting items into the UK. If so, speak to our team. We would be glad to help.

No matter where your business is located in China, it is always possible to ship items from China to the UK by air. Our connections within the large and small airports mean that should items be shipped from Beijing, Shanghai or Wuhan it can be made possible with PBS International

Air freight from UK to China

We don’t just have great relationships with the airports within China. Our years of experience have helped us build up significant relationships with all major and minor UK airports. In fact, our two offices and warehouses are located at Gatwick and Heathrow.

This means that should your cargo be particularly large, it can be stored safely before its flight to China. Not only that but should you have specific packing needs with your freight, PBS International can help arrange that too. Our warehousing and storage offers comprehensive options in relation to the picking, packing, storage and transport of your items. Just let us know what you need, and our experienced team will be on hand to help make it happen. Not only does this help ensure your good are well looked after but it means they can be packed correctly and safely so you can keep your promises to those receiving the items at the other end.

When you book air freight shipping from the UK to China with PBS International, you can expect not only a premium service but also a fast, seamless movement of your freight. Items shipped by air from the UK to China can reach their destination in as little as 48 hours making it the fastest way to get items from the UK to China.

Ship freight to China from the UK by air or sea?

For the fastest possible delivery, shipping your items by air is the best way to ensure your consignment reaches its destination. Whereas sea freight shipping could take 40 days or more, items shipped by air can be in China within 48 hours.

For some freight forwarders, certain items cannot be shipped to China from the UK by air but at PBS we use a mix of traditional carriers and specialist carriers to ensure that almost any items or any size that you want to send, can arrive in China in a timely and safe manner. Of course, though, there are certain restrictions, and some items just are not allowed to go on board an aircraft so check with us in advance to find out the latest rulings.

Luckily, our relationships with carriers mean that we can ship many more items safely than other freight forwarders. Our specialised freight services allow for the movement of items that many just say no to!


Paperwork for sending air freight to China from UK

As with any export or import of items, there is a variety of paperwork to complete and at PBS International we know that this can be daunting and confusing. Our team have helped facilitate the shipping of items by air freight to China and from China to the UK for so long now that the paperwork comes as second nature. As a result, you can ask us for help with any import and export documentation and we will guide you through the process.

You can certainly complete it all yourself, but you may find that you are unsure of just what you need. As a guide see the list below. Completing the following will help you successfully send items to China. Just be aware that import and export laws can change at any time so should you be in doubt, just give us a call!

To send items to China by air you will need the following:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Air waybill
  • Packing lists
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Single administrative document
  • Import licence

Some of these documents will not be required, depending on what is being sent and in some cases additional paperwork could be required.

Certain items require different types of customs clearance in China and as a result, the paperwork needed may vary. For total clarity, speak to us and we can guide you on what will be needed to get your goods from the UK to China. There are also strict regulations over certain items arriving in China by air so this should be considered before assuming the items can be sent at all.

What items are strictly regulated in China?

Before organising air freight shipping to China, you should check if any of your items appear in this list. Items such as these require special import certificates and additional documents to allow them into China. If the correct documentation is not provided, then the items will be refused and this could prove problematic!

The items currently heavily regulated in China are:

  • Medical devices and medicines
  • Pre-packed food
  • Animal products
  • Plant products
  • Cosmetics
  • Battery-powered items
  • Wine
  • Toys
  • Paint
  • Shipments with wooden packaging
  • Cinema film and audio or video publications
  • Used electrical and mechanical products
  • Books or magazines that carry an ISBN
  • Items for agricultural use
  • Some electronic goods

Why choose PBS International for air freight shipping to China?

If you require a hassle-free, fast shipment of goods to China then PBS International are who you need to help make it happen. Our fully transparent service means the customer is always put first at both ends of the shipment.

Offering bespoke prices, our service is cultivated to your exact needs meaning that you will never pay more than necessary to have your goods shipped to China by air. With access to most China airports and our own offices at both Heathrow and Gatwick, there is always someone on hand to help handle your items with the most care. In addition, our specialised freight services mean that those harder-to-ship items can also be sent with ease.

Factor in our airport-based warehousing and storage facility too and you can have items you are shipping to China or those you are receiving from China safely stored until the time is right.

Why not get a free personalised quote for air freight shipping to China today and see how much money you can save and how your items can be transported with the utmost care.

Air Freight Shipping to China FAQs

How quick is air freight shipping to China?

Shipping freight to China by air is the fastest way to get items from the UK to China. Typically, items can arrive at their destination within 48 hours.

Similar to having items sent to China from the UK, a shipment from China to the UK can take around 48 hours. Times are always subject to change though subject to weather or other common logistics issues.

The cost of shipping items to China by air will vary depending on a variety of factors. Namely, what you are sending, its size and its final destination. Our extremely competitive rates are based on your needs and will reflect that. We aim to make the process simple and cost-effective for you so why not get a free quote today.

At PBS International we offer specialised freight services making it possible for almost anything at all to be shipped by air to China. There are some restrictions though and certain items are not suitable for air freight. Contact us to find out if your items are safe for air travel or consider sea freight shipping as an alternative.

Many freight forwarders do not handle personal effects shipping but at PBS International we are different. We will gladly help facilitate the movement of your items to China. Our service factors in all of your needs to guarantee a safe movement of your items from the UK to China.

There are several documents you need to ship items to China and we can help you with that. Simply let us know what it is you are sending and our team can assist you in completing any paperwork that ensures the safe and legal transit of your items.

The rules are subject to change at any time, to keep up to date with the latest information relating to importing items from China, speak to our team

You may have used air freight services to send your items to China but should you need a road freight service to have the items reach the final destination just let us know. We would be delighted to help.

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