Specialised Services

Planning & Consultancy

We provide a full planning and consultancy service for those customers who need to overcome the complex transportation needs often experienced with major projects or difficult commodities.

Our friendly expert team of advisors are available to guide you through any Specialist freight requirement all you need to do is contact us now.

TEL: 01293 551140, EMAIL: info@pbs-int.co.uk

  • Full Airline Charter Services
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Military Support
  • Consular Services
  • Customs advice & Export Documentation
  • Export Licence Application

Please call our Specialist Consultant team to explain further about any service that you may require or are interested in.

Specialised Services Frequently Asked Questions

What are considered dangerous goods when shipping?

The following goods are identified as dangerous or hazardous and have numerous additional requirements when it comes to shipping safely:

  • explosives
  • gases
  • flammable liquids
  • flammable solids
  • oxidizers
  • organic peroxides
  • toxic substances
  • infectious substances
  • radioactive material
  • corrosive substances
  • miscellaneous

Shipping dangerous goods? We can help, request a quote today.

PBS International has created a specialist division to transport restricted and prohibited items such as firearms and ammunition. Find out more about how we can help you transport dangerous goods by air, sea or road.

PBS International can take care of this for you. We are BIS registered and approved meaning we can apply for both import and export licenses on behalf of our customers.

Call our Specialist Consultant team to find out more.

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