Freight Shipping to China

Last updated: 17/02/2023

Shipping Freight to China

China is a country known for its vast level of exports, but many goods are also imported by the Far East powerhouse. Should you be one of the many businesses that send items to China or perhaps one of the large number of people that relocate there, you will have no doubt looked at your options for freight shipping. With varying costs and often inconsistent timescales, it can be a complicated process to find the best way to get your items from the UK to China. That is why PBS International Freight Limited offer a range of shipping options that match needs and budgets hassle-free.

Since we began facilitating a smooth process of freight forwarding over 20 years ago, we have helped businesses and individuals see a seamless movement of their cargo from a-2-b. With the options to have freight sent by air, land or sea speak to our team and see how easy it is to have freight moved from the UK to China.

Shipping freight to China is easy with PBS International

China is a huge country that hosts an array of cities, towns and villages. Its vastness means that you could be shipping items over huge distances and with PBS International that is never a problem.  We handle all the paperwork needs too, so should there be export certificates and registration documents to complete, we can assist. This way you never have to fear a delay in getting the process started.

Our extensive network in both the import and export sectors means that every stage of the freight shipping process is made simple, quick and reliable. So, whether it is Wuhan or Hotan, Guangzhou or Shenyang, we can ensure that the goods you are shipping arrive in a safe and timely manner.

Freight shipping to China by air

Freight shipping by air for distances as far afield as China is often one of the most popular methods used by those exporting goods or those that are relocating. With freight managing to leave the UK and be in China within less than 48 hours it makes for a more rapid turnover. It does come at a cost though as air freight shipping does tend to be more expensive than other methods.

At PBS International though, we work with you to make it work for you, being a member of IATA means that we can work faster and more efficiently than many other freight forwarders in the world. Add in the fact that we have established significant relationships with both major and minor airports throughout China and the whole process can be made easy.

In some circumstances, we are often asked to ship hazardous goods by air to China and unlike with many other freight forwarders, this is not a problem. We operate with full transparency with both the carrier, and you, so should there be an item that certain airlines cannot transport, we can find you one that will. Our specialised freight services mean that there are never any obstacles in getting your items shipped by air to China.


China sea freight shipping

Many exports and imports involving China come via sea. This cost-effective method of shipping freight to and from China is used for a host of cargo types and whilst slower than transporting freight by plane, it is more environmentally friendly and more flexible in terms of the cargo you can transport.

Sea freight shipping is truly versatile and we can help you transport goods of any shape, size and type ensuring you meet your deadlines and contractual agreements. Our range of services means that no matter the size of your consignment, you can be safe in the knowledge it will reach its destination. Many other freight forwarders are reluctant to ship smaller items, much preferring full container loads. At PBS International we do things differently and will group together smaller shipments resulting in a more cost-effective process for you but still the same premium delivery results.

Just like we have achieved with airports, our relationships with ports in both China and the UK remain extremely positive meaning together, we can help facilitate the smooth transfer of your cargo to China from the UK.

Shipping freight via road in China

Whilst a boat or a plane may get your cargo to China itself, once there it may still have a significant journey to go on and sometimes the only option is by road. With our vast global network, we can put together a seamless transition of your goods where your items are carefully delivered onwards to their next destination. Shipping via road freight services will help you reach those hidden outposts that you may have more difficulty getting to via other methods and is worth considering for potentially the final leg of getting your cargo to the right destination in China.


Cost-effective ways to ship freight to China

Depending on the method of shipping you choose, will help determine the cost to you or your business but it is also important to factor in the type of goods as well as their size and weight. For example, some air carriers may not be able to facilitate the transport of some freight to China. At the same time, shipping freight by sea may take too long to meet your requirements.

At PBS International we make sure we are fully transparent with all the options open to you and will be honest about the costs and timescales for each method. With varying needs per shipment, we always offer a personalised international shipping quote for each customer. This way you get the best possible price for the items you want to ship.

Customs clearance in China

Shipping items will require specific clearance in China and at times it can result in delays in your goods reaching their destination. Especially if any documents are filled out incorrectly. To save on this potential delay. PBS International can advise and assist with the whole process.  With our knowledgeable team able to ensure full compliance with Chinese regulations, you can rest assured your cargo will arrive safely, correctly and with all the necessary paperwork completed.

Before goods can be cleared to enter China, several other documents will be required by Chinese customs officials. These will include:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin

Among others. If you are unsure, ask us in advance of booking any freight forwarding.


Storing freight for shipment to China

In many cases, shipments are stored well in advance of their departure date and at PBS International we ensure that your cargo is kept safe. Our warehousing and storage facilities are among the few approved by HM Customs and Excise to operate its own Enhanced Remote Transit Shed. Being located in both Gatwick and Heathrow adds to the seamless nature of our service as we can arrange everything on site ready for departure.

Freight Shipping to China FAQs

How long does sea freight take to get to China?

Shipping by sea can be among the slower methods but it does mean you can transport goods of any size and weight. We will always work to ensure your cargo reaches China promptly, based on current timescales that can mean goods take around 40 days to reach their destination. In some cases, you could see this closer to 60 so factor this in when deciding how you want your freight shipped.

Shipping freight by air is the quickest and therefore the most expensive option for getting cargo from one country to another. The time difference can be significant though and if expedited shipping is what you need then this would be the best option. You can typically expect to see items arrive in China from the UK within 1-5 days.

Certain materials can only be shipped via sea and some items if transported by air, must travel via a specialist handler. At PBS International we can help find the best option for you. Some materials such as those that are flammable often pose difficulties for freight forwarders, but we will ensure the items still arrive at the required destination. Our specialised freight services make the export of goods simple!

Certain documents will be needed for items heading to China, these can vary depending on the items being transported. Contact us to find out what you will need to ship your item before you organise the next steps.

Yes! Many freight forwarders do not help with such requirements but at PBS International we see no reason why we should say no! Our personal effects shipping comes in a variety of options meaning that you can work to a budget that suits you and the needs of your items in mind. We can make the relocation to China easy!

Yes! PBS International have many years of shipping goods across the world. Find out more about the global freight services we offer.

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