Freight Shipping to India

Last updated: 13/06/2023

Shipping Freight to India

Should you be relocating to India or simply sending goods to the vast beautiful landscape that India has to offer, considering a freight forwarder like PBS International Freight Limited might be your best option!

Offering varied, affordable, and efficient ways to get your goods transported overseas, our team have perfected the methods to ensure a smooth transition of your freight. With a network that spans the globe, you can always remain confident that your items are handled carefully, shipped quickly and guaranteed to reach their destination. Whether by sea, air or road, speak to our experienced team today to find out how we can get your items to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or anywhere else in India.

Easily ship items to India with PBS International

India is a large country and home to many stunning towns, cities, and villages, some with port access, some just with just road routes. No matter where you need your goods to end up in India, our team can facilitate it. With well over 20 years of experience in safely delivering freight and having built significant relationships with airports, seaports, personnel, and carriers, we can give you full peace of mind that your goods will arrive where you want them to when you want them to. It’s just up to you to choose the best option or freight shipping to India to match your needs.

Air freight shipping to India

Shipping your freight to India via air is the method most used when you want to get goods to India quickly. Seen as the fastest way to get freight shipping to India, it is also the most expensive and as a result is often chosen as a method when there are smaller consignments to send.

Since our inception over 20 years ago, our team at PBS International have regularly facilitated the careful movement of goods to India by air whether it be for personal effects shipping or for business requirements. Having access to both major and minor airports across India means that no matter where the final destination of your goods is, we will make them arrive on time.

With timescales varying on the departure and arrival airports, you can expect items sent via air freight services to arrive in India in approximately 3-6 days. A consignment from Heathrow to Mumbai for example could take up to 6 days whereas the same freight to Chennai may take just 3 days.

Within our 20+ years of transporting goods to India, we have been met with a variety of requests, luckily, unlike many other freight forwarders, this does not pose a problem. Our specialised freight services mean that goods that are often not covered by scheduled carriers can still make their way to the correct destination.

Sea freight shipping to India

Larger goods and those that perhaps are not in urgent demand or not deemed safe for air flight will most commonly be booked in for sea freight shipping. This method of transporting your goods is a great way to save some money as it generally costs much less than shipping items via air however it does take considerably longer. Items leaving port in Southampton for example could take just over 30 days to reach Nhava Sheva.

Just like with the airports we work alongside in India; we have built strong relationships with the seaports too. This has helped us ensure that the goods are kept in the same level of safe hands when they arrive in India as there were when they left the UK.

Ensuring that trust, reliability and a smooth, harmonious transfer of your goods is possible, our team have enabled a seamless movement of your freight where all you need to do is await confirmation that it has been received.

We can also help with one of the biggest worries that those opting to ship by sea have. In many cases, freight shipping companies will refuse smaller shipments and only accept full loads. When you book with PBS International, we remove that concern. We will group smaller shipments resulting in a saving for you and your goods still arriving as you promised.

Road freight shipping to India

Not always the first thought of how to get your goods to India but getting your freight to India by road is sometimes worth considering. The distance between the two countries is a huge 7600KM so there is no road linking the two – imagine the fuel costs! However, some of the more remote destinations in India may not have an airport or seaport nearby. That is where road freight transport comes in extremely useful. Items can be collected from the relevant port and then carefully sent by road to the place they are scheduled to reach. This cost-effective method of freight shipping is a great way to ensure your items arrive where they are meant to when they are meant to.


The costs of freight shipping to India

No matter which method you use to ship your goods you will no doubt want to be confident that your goods are shipped efficiently and cost-effectively. At PBS International we make sure that both these goals are met.  The costs of shipping freight to India will vary on the method you choose to use, the size and weight of the consignment and the type of goods being sent. Regardless of these factors, we ensure that you are given an individual freight shipping quote that is unique to you and your requirements.  This way you get the best possible price for the shipment you are sending.


Customs clearance in India

Shipping items to India, no matter which method you choose will mean that customs clearance is necessary. Choosing a freight forwarding expert like PBS International ensures that this often-complicated part of the process is made simple and relieves you of any additional worry and concern. We can help take care of it and advise you on what is necessary for your goods to be accepted in India.

In most cases, for items to be received in India from the UK they will need the following:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Letter confirming payment terms
  • The correct bill for air or sea freight

Should you have any concerns over these, simply ask us, we are always happy to help. You should also remain aware that agreements between countries can change so requirements for your goods may change too.

 Safe storage of freight being shipped to India

Having your items shipped safely is no doubt high on the agenda however the considerations for its storage should also be taking priority. At PBS International, to make sure that your items are kept safe before shipping, we can facilitate warehousing and storage. This way your items remain prepped and ready for the shipping date. Simply ask us about how we can store your items at our Gatwick or Heathrow facilities. PBS are one of the few companies approved by HM Customs and Excise to operate its own Enhanced Remote Transit She. This means uncleared consignments can stay in our warehouse until you are ready to arrange any required clearances.

Booking freight shipping to India

Booking freight shipping to India is made simple with the team at PBS International. With our offices located at the two busiest airports in the UK, we are on hand to help guide you through any shipping queries expertly and efficiently. If you need to get freight shipped to India, contact us today so we can get it shipped tomorrow!

Freight Shipping to India FAQs

How long does sea freight take to ship to India from UK?

Shipping by sea is the slowest method to transport items to India from the UK. Depending on your departure and arrival points you could see items taking approximately 30-40 days to reach their Indian destination.

Sending freight by air is the quickest way to send items to India. In many cases, items can be dispatched and reach their destination within 3-6 days.

Certain items may not be accepted by airlines, so it is often worth seeing whether specialised freight services are required for the items you wish to ship.

The vast majority of goods will not require an export license to ship to India. However, agreements between countries and laws around certain items can change. With that in mind, contact us in advance of planning any freight shipping to India so we can advise on the most up to date policies.

Shipping freight to India from the UK will vary in cost depending on a variety of factors. The method of shipment, the type of goods being shipped and the size, weight and volume will all contribute to your cost. At PBS we will remain open and transparent with you to ensure that costs are the best available to you.

Certain items may only be possible via sea freight shipping whilst others may require specialist freight shipping to be considered. Our team will be able to guide you on the best possible methods required for the goods you wish to ship to India.

Yes! Unlike many freight forwarders, we are always happy to facilitate the shipping of your personal items to your new location. If you are relocating to India, look at our personal effects shipping options.

Yes! PBS International have many years of shipping goods across the world. Find out more about the global freight services we offer.

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