Freight Shipping to Europe

Last updated: 16/03/2023

Shipping freight to Europe

Ever since the UK voted to leave the EU there have been many questions about how best to ship freight to the continent. Understandably it is an area of confusion for many. Let PBS International Freight Limited make it easy for you with our wide selection of freight forwarding options.

Wherever in the EU you require items to be shipped, we can help make it happen. Our vast experience in the industry of international freight forwarders means that whether Northern Europe, Central Europe or Southern Europe are the destinations for your cargo, a seamless, hassle-free process is just a few clicks away.

Should it be freight shipping by air, sea or road, let PBS International take care of your needs and make it easy for you to get goods to any destination on the continent whether for relocation or trade purposes.

Quick, efficient, and reliable freight shipping to Europe

When you book freight shipping to Europe with PBS International, our experienced team give you not only a premium service from start to finish but an efficient and reliable freight shipping experience that is second to none. No matter the destination in Europe, our extensive network ensures that goods reach their destination safely and on time. So, if the outer reaches of Greenland or the southernmost tip of Cyprus are due to be the recipients of your cargo, you can rest assured that PBS International will ensure that every part of your consignment arrives as and when it should.

Shipping air freight to Europe

If you want your cargo to arrive in Europe quickly, having it transported by air is no doubt the fastest method available. Perfect for shipments in a variety of sizes and volumes, air freight shipping can ensure rapid delivery of your personal effects or products. With our ever-expanding network across Europe helping ensure the seamless movement of your items, you can have full peace of mind that everything will be handled with the utmost care.

Having shipped freight to Europe for over 20 years, our vast experience has enabled us to make it easy to handle goods of any variety. From livestock to live ammunition, from electronic equipment to motor vehicles, we have helped facilitate the transportation of it all. And should your items require specialised freight services we can help. Certain items are not always covered by scheduled carriers and this can make getting your items into Europe complicated. With PBS International, we work alongside special charter services that are approved to handle items other carriers are not.

Thanks to PBS International having offices at both Heathrow and Gatwick, the gateway to shipping freight to Europe via air has never been easier. We can even store your cargo in advance at one of our airport based warehouses!

Shipping freight by sea to Europe

With plenty of ports around Europe, shipping your freight by sea is a practical and cost-effective way to get your items from the UK onto the continent. Preferred by those that have larger items to send or those without certain time constraints, sending your freight via sea is the best way to get items to Europe when you have a little more flexibility. Costing less than shipping by air, having your items sent by sea is well worth the investment and at PBS International we work with you to ensure the most cost-effective way to get your items to Europe is always offered.

With access to all the major and minor ports across Europe and strong relationships with carriers and personnel, you can ship your items via sea freight shipping confidently when you opt to use PBS International as your freight forwarder.

A huge benefit of shipping items to Europe via the sea is that anything, subject to the rules of the country, can travel on a boat! Over the years we have helped send items of all shapes, sizes, and weights across Europe via sea freight shipping. Sea freight shipping isn’t just for large items though, although many shipping companies may tell you that. At PBS we understand that sometimes your consignment may be relatively small but doesn’t require the urgency of being shipped by air. That is never a problem, by combining smaller shipments we can help keep your costs down and your promises maintained.

We will also help with the documents that you will need to send your items to Europe via sea. Each country may have varying requirements so speak to us today to see how we can make the transition of items quick, easy and reliable.

Road freight shipping to Europe

Europe is vast, the EU alone makes up 27 countries and the continent itself contains 51, so at times, road freight services are the best option to have your items arrive at your chosen European destination. Shipping goods to any country in Europe by road provides you with a truly cost-effective method.

With a dedicated team overseeing every part of the movement of your items, you can remain comfortable in the knowledge that all items are carefully and efficiently transported across Europe.

With full customs service, warehousing and storage and in some cases same day delivery available, PBS International offer a fully catered freight forwarding service for shipping your freight by road.

We can even help advise about the documentation your goods will need to travel across the roads of Europe. Each country may have certain special requirements and we are on hand to guide you through that process. That way your freight will always arrive safely and on time.


Affordable freight shipping to Europe

We understand that with personal effects shipping there may be a degree of urgency, with other items you may have a more flexible timescale. It is with that in mind that we help facilitate affordable freight shipping to Europe via air, sea, or road. We operate by keeping your needs and requirements at the forefront. That is why we offer bespoke shipping quotes rather than just set fees. We take into consideration the destination, the methods of transport, the type of item and many other factors before providing you with an affordable way for you to have your items transported to or across Europe.

Air freight shipping tends to be the most expensive option but the quickest, sea freight shipping is typically cheaper but slower. Whatever your requirements are, simply speak to us so we can advise you on the best options for you and your cargo. That way you never pay more than necessary but your freight is still handled efficiently, safely, and reliably.

Customs clearance Europe

Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU the rules for shipping items to any European countries are a little different to what they were before. Export documents will be needed, customs charges may apply, and a commercial invoice will be required. You will be expected to also show proof of origin. This may already sound like a paperwork-induced headache is likely, but you do not need to worry. For any goods being sent anywhere in Europe, simply speak to our experts at PBS International. We can offer full guidance on everything you will need to have your items legally transported and received for any country in Europe.

Booking your Europe freight shipping

Getting the process started is simple, our dedicated export and import professionals are on hand to help you. Simply reach out for an international shipping quote or give us a call. We offer a fully transparent service that will not only find the most cost-effective method for shipping cargo to Europe but also the one that most suit your needs. Contact us today to find out how.

Freight Shipping To Europe FAQs

How long does it take to ship items to Europe by air?

Shipping and freight via air is the quickest way to get it to any destination in Europe but with Europe being so large, timescales vary per country. As a guide, most destinations in Europe can be in receipt of freight within 1-3 days.  Delays though can happen, especially if customs documents are incorrectly completed.

Shipping freight by sea is a slower method than by air and with many landlocked countries in Europe, you will also have to factor in some additional time for road freight transportation too. With over 50 countries on the continent, we would always advise getting in touch to get the latest information on shipping times to any destination in Europe.

Yes, however rules around different items can vary from country to country. At PBS International we can help with the exact licenses and documents you may need to have your items safely and legally shipped to Europe.

The costs of shipping any type of freight to Europe will vary based on how you ship it, what you are shipping and the volume and size of the items. We endeavour to give you the best options for the most cost-effective methods for you to get your items anywhere in Europe. Shipping by air will be the most expensive option whereas by sea tends to be cheaper. All of our personalised shipping quotes are curated to your exact needs so you can remain confident you will receive the best price possible

Certain items may be restricted from entering some European countries but for those that are fully legal, there are often certain shipping methods that must be used. At PBS International, we work closely with specialist carriers to make it possible for items categorized as dangerous or hazardous to be shipped safely. Our specialised freight services ensure that careful and safe handling of goods is carried out at all times. Thanks to our airport based warehouses, we can also safely store your items prior to their shippin date.

With PBS International it is simple. Where many freight forwarders tend to steer clear of shipping personal or household items, we embrace it! We love to help people with relocation plans and offer a varied level of personal effects shipping options. We can even help pack items for you!

Yes! At PBS we have many years of experience in helping get items transported across the globe. Find out more about how we can get you your items reliably transported to over 200 countries with our global freight shipping services.

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