Freight Shipping to Hong Kong

Last updated: 20/02/2023

Shipping Freight to Hong Kong

Freight can be efficiently and safely shipped to Hong Kong using an international freight forwarder like PBS International Freight Limited. With over 20 years of experience in transporting freight across the globe, you can be safe in the knowledge that your goods are shipped with care, precision, and time in mind. Working alongside experts on both sides of the planet, we make it easy for you to get your freight shipped to Hong Kong exactly how you need it to be. With a fully managed process including all export and import paperwork, it has never been easier to have freight shipped to Hong Kong.

Whether air, sea or road shipping helps you complete the journey of your items, speak to our team today so we can make your freight shipping simple and stress-free.

Simple and stress-free freight shipping to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular place for trade and relocation and as a result, many items are exported and imported into the region. The complications often associated with freight forwarding can make transporting goods to Hong Kong confusing, time-consuming and ultimately stressful. That is why we take control of it for you. No matter which area of Hong Kong you need freight to reach, we can make it happen. Transporting via air, land or sea will ensure your items arrive safely and on time.

Air freight shipping to Hong Kong

Shipping freight to Hong Kong via air will guarantee the quickest delivery of your items and make sure that your recipients are kept happy. Having led the way as freight forwarders for over 20 years, our PBS International team have finessed air freight forwarding to as close to perfection as you could wish for.

With premium, safe, and professional delivery of your items, there is never a cause for concern when you opt to ship your items via air to Hong Kong with PBS International. The strong relationships we have built with carriers, as well as airports both in the UK and in Hong Kong, make the process easy no matter what you need to ship. PBS International are a member of IATA giving further peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.

Able to assist with your export paperwork and help facilitate the movement of items many carriers are reluctant to transport, there are no hurdles with getting items to Hong Kong from the UK when you use PBS International.

Freight shipping by sea to Hong Kong

If your delivery is not urgent, or you are looking for a more cost-effective method to get goods to Hong Kong, shipping your freight by sea could be the best option.

Whilst taking longer than air, freight going to Hong Kong via sea provides you with an extremely practical way to get certain items shipped that are not allowed to be carried by aircraft.

Sea freight shipping makes it possible to transport goods of any size, volume and product type, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that your freight will get to Hong Kong without a problem.

Much like with the air carriers and airports, we have developed significant relationships with seaports and carriers in our 20+ years and this helps ensure a speedy, efficient process for having your freight shipped by sea.

Cost-effectiveness is a key asset to any business or individual and at PBS International we understand this. That is why, unlike many other freight forwarders, we can help you ship the smaller consignments that others often won’t. Where they may refuse to accommodate low volume or small items, we group them together resulting in the same premium service but at a cheaper cost to you! This way you save money and maintain your promise to those receiving your cargo that it will be delivered.

Shipping freight to Hong Kong by road

There may not be a direct road link to Hong Kong from the UK but at times, goods need to be transported via road to complete the final leg of their journey. This is never a problem at PBS International and should road freight services be necessary then let us help! Ensuring careful handling of your items from the airport or seaport to their final destination, road freight services provided by PBS International allow for a cost-effective method to complete the shipment of your items.

With full tracking, assisted border control and a friendly team ready to guide you through the process, shipping freight to Hong Kong by road can be a practical way to make sure your items reach their final destination.


Cost-effective freight shipping to Hong Kong

The varying methods of shipping freight to Hong Kong all have their benefits and differing levels of cost. In most cases, the type of freight being transported, the size and the weight of the freight and the method used will determine final costs. Air shipping to Hong Kong tends to be the quickest method but also the most expensive, sea freight shipping to Hong Kong will likely cost less but will take longer for the goods to arrive at their destination.

At PBS International, we understand that there are individual requirements that each business may require and that is why we work alongside you to ensure the best value method of transport to meet your needs. With a unique personalised quote, you can view a price specific to your precise needs and then make a decision that you feel comfortable with.

Transporting hazardous materials to Hong Kong

In some instances, you may need to transport certain items to Hong Kong that may be deemed hazardous. Each country has specific requirements, as do the carriers, which is why PBS International can help you with specialised freight services. With full compliance of the law and a safe method of transport made available, we help you move items that may often be refused by other freight forwarders. Whether it be firearms or flammable materials, hazardous substances or pets, our team can help facilitate the safe transport of your goods.


Booking freight shipping to Hong Kong

Our goal is to make the whole process easy for you. When you want to ship goods to Hong Kong, simply speak to us! With offices located at Gatwick and Heathrow, our expert team can put together the seamless transportation of your freight from the UK to Hong Kong. With all export and import paperwork looked after and a fully transparent service provided throughout, Contact our freight forwarding experts today so we can get your goods moving.

Freight Shipping to Hong Kong FAQs

How long does freight shipping by sea take to get to Hong Kong?

Shipping by sea is perhaps the slowest but cheapest method to ship your goods to Hong Kong. We work with our global contacts to ensure the quickest possible timescale. Currently, you can expect to see your items reach Hong Kong from the UK via sea in around 35-45 days. However, this can sometimes be quicker and in some cases longer, however, we will always keep you up to date with timescales.

Shipping freight via air is the quickest method and can take 1-7 days to arrive in Hong Kong. To get the most accurate and up-to-date timescales, secure a free quote today and speak to our team.

Different items require different licenses, but we can help with that. Certain items are not allowed to be sent to Hong Kong whilst others require specific licenses to be allowed into the country. Our knowledgeable team will be able to give you the latest information relating to import and export laws in Hong Kong.

Yes! Many freight forwarders chose not to handle personal items but at PBS International, we know that your relocation should be kept simple, so we help make that happen. With a host of personal effects shipping options, we can put a unique package together that ensures your items are safely transported to Hong Kong. Factoring in the types of items and the packaging requirements they will need, we make the whole process of taking your personal effects to Hong Kong simple, cost-effective and worry-free.

Certain hazardous materials are often refused by many carriers for varying reasons but at PBS we specialise in helping make the transport of such materials easy. Our specialised freight services mean you can ship a host of items with ease.

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