Shipping Freight to Canada

Last updated: 17/02/2023

Freight Shipping Canada

If a move to the land of the Rocky Mountains is in the offing, you could do no better than allowing PBS International Freight Limited help make the transition simple, smooth, and stress-free. With a fully transparent service that allows for a variety of shipping options, moving to Canada, whether for work or pleasure or simply shipping goods for business can be made easy with a few simple clicks.

Since our formation, over 20 years ago, our team have finessed the processes involved in freight forwarding to as close to perfection as you could expect. With global connections in sea, land, and air transport methods, we have made your freight shipping requirements easier than ever to fulfil.

Discover how easy it is to ship freight to Canada today by getting in touch with the freight shipping experts.

Freight shipping solutions for sending goods to Canada

Canada is a large country, the second largest in the world after Russia and that means your goods could have a huge distance to cover. Stretching 3.8 million square miles, you could fit the UK into Canada over 40 times and this means shipping freight from one place to another isn’t always easy. Unless you use PBS International. Ensuring your goods arrive safely and on time is our priority and whether you need to get them to Alberta or Quebec, Ontario or British Columbia you can rest assured our committed teams make sure it happens.

With extensive services in both exports and imports, your goods can get from A-2-B with no need for concern.

Air freight shipping to Canada

Perhaps the most common way to ship freight to Canada, air freight shipping is something that we have been perfecting since our inception more than 20 years ago. To ensure the rapid and safe delivery of your consignment, freight shipping by air is often chosen due to being the fastest method available.

Thanks to the incredible relationships that we have with the major and minor airports of Canada, we endeavour to find the best value of transport with the best carriers that operate both within the country and internationally.

With us being able to handle all the paperwork such as customs clearance, export documentation and anything else your freight may require, the whole process lets you sit back and relax as we take care of it all. We can even collect your goods from you and take them to one of our safe storage depots before taking them on to the airport.

We ship a variety of cargo types and understand that in some instances, there may be a need for specialised freight services to ensure your consignment is shipped correctly. This is not a problem, and we regularly assist those that may need to ship items that scheduled carriers are unable to transport.

So, if it is pets or plastics, aviation equipment or ammunition, let PBS International facilitate the easy and safe transportation of your freight to and across Canada.

Sea freight shipping to Canada

Sea freight shipping is a hugely popular method for those that can take a little more time getting their goods to Canada. Cost-effective and seen as the most environmentally friendly option for shipping freight, sending goods via sea is frequently used by those that have especially large consignments to be sent abroad.

Our team at PBS International have, much like with the airports in Canada, built up strong relationships with seaports on both the UK and Canadian side of the Atlantic. This has helped ensure a smooth and hassle-free transportation of your freight that is both trusted and reliable.

Our sea freight services allow for goods of all types, sizes and volumes to be shipped to Canada and make it easy for you to transport those items that may have required specialist flights if you were considering air travel.

Furthermore, if your consignment is small, we look to save you money by grouping together smaller shipments. This keeps your promise of freight delivery and ensures you do not get hit with the costly fees other sea freight companies may charge for not filling a container.

Shipping freight by road to Canada

Whilst there is no magical road that links Canada to the UK, there are times when you may need to organise the onward transportation of your goods to a more remote location in Canada. Specialist road freight services like those we offer allow for the continued safe and reliable transportation of your goods. Extremely cost-effective and guaranteeing the careful movement of your freight, this method of freight shipping is worth considering.

Shipping freight to Canada costs

When you want to ship freight to Canada from the UK the cost will largely be determined by the method you choose. At PBS we will always remain fully open and transparent with you regarding the costs your cargo will cost to ship. We will present you with all the options available to you and then allow you to decide which you are most comfortable with.

One thing to factor in is that it isn’t just the method of transport that determines the price. The type of freight, as well as its size, will also come into consideration. In some instances, shipping freight by sea to Canada will be the only option due to the goods being transported but we will always inform you if that is the case.

Sea shipping does tend to be the cheapest, however, it does take longer for the cargo to arrive at its destination. Transporting your freight by air costs the most but is significantly quicker than sea or land.

When we work with you to ship freight to Canada, we will offer competitive rates across all the available options to ensure your needs are met in terms of both cost and delivery. That is why we provide an individual international shipping quote for each customer. This way we can give you the best possible price, the best possible shipping option and the best levels of service you can expect.

Storing freight for shipping to Canada

In some cases, freight being shipped to Canada may need to be stored well in advance of the shipping date. With PBS International as your freight forwarder, this is never a problem. With warehouses at both Gatwick and Heathrow, we can offer warehousing and storage facilities that ensure your freight is looked after to the highest possible level.

Booking freight shipping to Canada

We aim to make the process of getting your freight from the UK to Canada simple. With a dedicated team on hand at both Gatwick and Heathrow, we can expertly and efficiently help you get the transportation of your freight booked in and spare you from any complications regarding exports, imports and more. Simply contact us to find out more or get a free quote to see how much you could be saving on freight forwarding with PBS International.

Freight Shipping to Canada FAQs

How long does it take to ship freight by sea to Canada from the UK?

Shipping by sea is seen as the slowest method to transport your freight. That being said, it is also perhaps the cheapest. No matter the timescale, we always work to ensure that the goods will arrive in Canada as soon as possible. Current timescales indicate that goods could take 20-40 days to reach Canada from the UK and around 30-40 days if going in the opposite direction.

Shipping freight by air to Canada is the quickest method but also the most expensive so therefore, always get a quote before committing to a booking. Current timescales mean you could transport freight to Canada by air within 1-5 days.

Different items may require different documentation to be successfully transported from the UK to Canada so it is always worth investigating first. Due to the ever-changing laws and regulations throughout the world, we would advise you contact us so we can give you the most up-to-date information regarding the types of goods you are exporting.

Yes, we manage the full process of getting your goods from the UK to Canada and this includes storing the items in one of our approved warehouse facilities. We will even guide you through any of the paperwork for all stages of storage, shipment, and receipt of the items.

Some items are listed as hazardous and require special transportation. As a result, many freight forwarders do not offer services that cover these. At PBS International though, we do. Flammable materials, firearms and more are often seen as difficult items by other freight forwarders, not by PBS International! Find out more about specialised freight services so we can help you get your hazardous items shipped safely, legally and without worry.

Yes! There are lots of freight forwarders that do not handle personal effects but at PBS International we are happy to help you with your relocation plans. Due to the variety of goods, you may have that need shipping and the way you require them to be shipped, we offer varying levels of personal effects shipping. Simply ask our team about the varying packages we have that cover all budgets and get your relocation plans a step closer!

Yes! PBS International have many years of shipping goods across the world. Find out more about the global freight services we offer.

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