Air Freight to the USA

Last updated: 09/05/2023

Shipping freight to the USA by air

As an established air freight shipping company, PBS International have been ensuring premium, safe and professional transportation of freight to the USA by air for over 20 years. Whether it is for relocation purposes or trade, our comprehensive service will allow for you to have your goods flown from the UK to the USA with the most premium standards of care and efficiency. So if it’s New York or Orlando, Denver or Utah, let us make shipping freight simple.

With access to major and minor airports throughout the USA, our team have built up significant relationships with carriers ensuring that not only do you get the best value transport of your goods but the fastest too.

Working with a variety of industries has meant that we have shipped practically any type of goods you can think of. From pets to plastics, from aviation equipment to ammunition, our team can guarantee the perfect execution of the freight forwarding process for you.

Should you require a specialised service that excels in the handling of dangerous substances or equipment that is perhaps not covered by the scheduled carriers, then PBS International can help there too. Our specialised freight services mean that there are no hurdles having your freight shipped by air to the USA.

With items delivered direct to the door, you can have your items flown into practically any airport in the USA and then transported by road freight services to their final destination.

Whether it is for small items or large pallets, commercial deliveries or personal effects shipping, PBS International can ensure whatever needs to be sent to the USA by air gets there quickly, safely and importantly, on time.

Shipping air freight from UK to USA

We have offices at the two main UK airports, Heathrow, and Gatwick, but this doesn’t mean we are limited to shipping goods from just those. Our comprehensive network makes it possible for air freight services to the USA to be facilitated from any UK airport that flies across the Atlantic to the USA..

With a dedicated team on hand, shipping freight to the USA via air could not be made simpler. With specialist expert advice readily available as well as assistance with all export documentation there really is not much you need to do except get in touch with us, we can then take care of the rest!

Air freight to the USA or sea shipping?

If you want to ship your freight to the USA in the quickest possible way, choosing PBS International to get your goods shipped by air would be the most suitable option. Air freight shipping is the fastest way to get your items into the USA. Perfect for large shipments and ideal for those smaller in size, air freight shipping to the USA provides you with an efficient and rapid way to get items into the USA.

With access to all the notable airports such as JFK in New York and Dulles in Washington, we can also fly your items into more minor USA airports too. With items able to reach the USA within 1-5 days when shipped by air it makes sense to utilise the speed of flight if you have a tight deadline to hit for the arrival of your goods. Of course, sometimes freight shipping by sea can be the best option as some items are not suitable for flight, whether that be due to the size of the item or what they are made of. Just book it in advance as sea shipping to the USA can take 40 days or more.

Why choose PBS International for USA air freight?

Thanks to our many years of experience in shipping items across the globe we can rely on not just our quality of service but our reputation too. Ever since our inception we have been consistently finessing our freight forwarding to ensure that each person that uses our service can remain confident in the rapid delivery of their freight.

Relationships with carriers as well as airports,  help formulate a seamless process and our warehousing and storage facilities at both Gatwick and Heathrow mean we can look after your cargo in advance of its flight to the USA.

With specialised freight shipping services also available, we allow for those more hazardous or specialist items to be exported too. Add in the fact that we can handle all paperwork whether that be for import or export, and we just make it easy. No stress, no worry, just the perfect movement of your cargo from the UK to the USA.

The paperwork needed for US air freight

We are always happy to assist when it comes to completing paperwork and customs documents, but we also understand that sometimes you may prefer to complete it yourself. That is certainly not a problem, and we are only ever a phone call or email away from guiding you through the process.

If this is your first time sending air freight to the USA then you may be unfamiliar with the documentation required. Listed below are the more common documents but depending on the items being sent, this could vary.

  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Export Packing list
  • Air Waybill
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Export Licence.

Completing the majority of the documents can be a straightforward process, a few simple boxes to tick and words to write and you are pretty much done! As with anything though, it can take time, and if time isn’t what you have, then speak to us and we can help get things done quickly. That way your items can be on the flight to the USA much more quicker!

Booking air freight to the USA

Getting your items to the USA is quick and easy with PBS International. With our teams on hand at both Gatwick and Heathrow as well as online help readily available you can get a free freight shipping quotation today and begin the process of booking air freight to the USA right away.

Air Freight Shipping to USA FAQs

How much does shipping air freight to the USA cost?

At PBS International, we operate with full transparency in mind, so this means prices vary. We factor in what you are shipping, its size, and its destination among other things. This means that the quote you receive is unique to you. With extremely competitive rates offered, we work to ensure you have the most cost-effective method for your needs. This way you get the best possible price for the size and type of freight you are sending to the USA. Resulting in a cost saving for you as well as an efficient service. Get a free freight shipping quote today.

Getting freight transported by air is the quickest method of getting your cargo to North America. In most cases, your items can reach their designated USA destination in just 1-3 days.

There are some restrictions on which items can be transported by air and in some cases this means that sea freight shipping may be the best option. That being said, our specialist freight services mean that many hazardous or potentially dangerous items can be shipped to the USA via air freight shipping. If you are unsure, simply ask us and we will advise on the best method for your items.

At PBS International we want to ensure there are no delays in your items arriving where they are meant to. That is why we also offer road freight services so that once the plane lands, the items can be safely unpacked and then taken on to their final destination anywhere in the USA!

There are many freight forwarders that do not handle personal effects shipping but at PBS International we want you to be able to get your relocation plans to run smoothly! With a variety of options available to match your requirements, our personal effects shipping allows for a safe, considerate and efficient method of getting your household items into the USA.

Whenever you export items to the USA there will be a host of documents to complete. Depending on the items these documents may vary. Contact us for the latest information on what you need to be able to correctly get your items to the USA via air freight.

Contact the Shipping Experts

We have a team of experts in Air, Sea and Road shipping ready to help you get your goods to where they need to be. We also have Warehouse and Storage services available. If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in contact.
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