Export Licensing

It can be difficult transporting firearms or shipping explosives by Air or Ocean, so we have approved tried and tested routes and carriers which we use on a daily basis, this avoids unnecessary delays with urgent time-sensitive shipments such as anti-piracy and security shipments, we can provide a “one-stop shop” for all the services required and we can receive the items and hold them, unlike most companies that advertise that they are sect 5 approved.

PBS is a Full IATA Member which means we are approved to conduct International Freight Exports, our staff are trained in all aspects of freight forwarding, at least two staff members have to be trained to handle and document dangerous goods, also full IATA membership means we have accounts with ALL airlines.

We are also a Full GTA member (Gun Trade Association) which promotes trade between members and provides advice and support for the gun industry.

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Comprehensive Export Licensing Solutions

Shipping firearms and explosives, and other hazardous materials can present a formidable challenge. Regulatory complexities, safety concerns, and logistical hurdles combine to make the process daunting and demanding. These shipments require a deep understanding of international regulations, exacting attention to detail, and a commitment to safety that goes beyond typical freight operations.

At PBS International, we have developed a specialised expertise in navigating these challenges. Our team has honed tried and tested routes and carriers, ensuring that even the most difficult shipments reach their destination efficiently and safely. This expertise is not simply a matter of knowledge; it’s a product of hands-on experience in dealing with these types of shipments on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a freight forwarding company; we are a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution for complex shipments. From initial logistics planning and regulatory compliance to safe and secure delivery, we handle every aspect of the process. We can even receive and hold items at our facilities, providing an added layer of convenience and security for our clients.

With PBS International, you can be confident that your challenging and specialised shipments are in the hands of experts, leaving you free to focus on your core business. Trust us to deliver exceptional service, every step of the way.

Time-Sensitive Shipments

At PBS International, we understand that time is often of the essence when it comes to certain types of shipments. Anti-piracy equipment, security-related items, and other critical materials often need to be transported quickly and efficiently, with no room for error or delay.

Our team is well-versed in handling these urgent shipments. We have developed a robust system that prioritizes speed without compromising on safety or regulatory compliance. Each urgent shipment is assigned a dedicated team that works round the clock to ensure smooth, speedy delivery. From preparing the necessary documentation to liaising with authorities and airlines, every step is meticulously planned and executed to meet the tightest of deadlines.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities play a crucial role in our ability to handle time-sensitive shipments. Strategically located to facilitate swift movement of goods, these facilities are equipped to safely store a wide range of items, including firearms and explosives. We also have robust security measures in place to ensure your goods are protected while in our care.

Credentials and Expertise

As a Full IATA Member, PBS International meets the highest industry standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence and professionalism. This membership certifies that our staff is trained in all aspects of freight forwarding. Our team’s expertise, backed by this esteemed membership, ensures that we maintain world-class standards in managing complex and difficult shipments.

Full IATA Membership

Being a Full IATA Member brings many benefits. It validates our commitment to excellence, provides access to a global network of airlines, and solidifies our position as a trusted partner in the freight forwarding industry. This membership enables PBS International to hold accounts with all airlines, ensuring maximum flexibility and reach for our clients’ shipments, no matter how challenging the destination.

Why Choose PBS International?

At PBS International, our unique blend of expertise, credentials, and commitment to service excellence sets us apart in the field of export licensing. We handle the most challenging shipments with ease, thanks to our Full IATA memberships, and our well-established network of trusted routes and carriers. Our ability to provide comprehensive, one-stop solutions ensures that even the most time-sensitive and complex shipments are handled smoothly and efficiently.

Contact the Shipping Experts

We have a team of experts in Air, Sea and Road shipping ready to help you get your goods to where they need to be. We also have Warehouse and Storage services available. If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in contact.
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