The Integral Role of Freight Forwarders

Posted on September 20, 2022
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There are many benefits that using the right freight forwarding company can bring your business, including saving you money and time and helping you to accurately and safely transport your goods. Using an experienced freight forwarder, like PBS International, can mean you can focus on other areas, growing your business and increasing customer satisfaction.

Below are just some of the ways a freight forwarder can help your business.

Accurate documentation and compliance

International shipping can be a difficult field to navigate, especially if you’re shipping to multiple countries. Different countries will usually require different documentation for importing and exporting various goods, which can make for a complicated process. Incomplete and inaccurate documents are a common cause of delays and even fines for businesses, with goods being held at ports until the situation is resolved.

Using an experienced freight forwarding company will mean you can avoid any of these delays. Companies like PBS International have the experience and knowledge to ensure all the documentation is present and correct before the goods are shipped. Meaning, they can get through customs quickly and easily, and get to your end destination with no delays.


Freight forwarding companies will usually be able to offer better rates for shipping, as they will be working with higher volumes so can negotiate better prices. They can also usually offer consolidation of shipments, meaning they will combine a few smaller shipments from different businesses into one, so the cost savings can be retained and passed on. This means that your business can benefit from lower rates even if you do not have a full container to ship. These cost savings can be gained from all sorts of shipping options, including air freight forwarding, sea freight shipping, and road freight.

Specialist knowledge

An experienced freight forwarding company will have extensive knowledge to assist with all sorts of shipments, including specialist and dangerous goods shipping. Transport of these types of goods requires expert knowledge and skills to move them safely and to ensure they pass through customs efficiently. PBS International has a dedicated team for dangerous goods shipping who can help with all parts of the process, including sourcing the relevant permits, packaging, documentation, and clearing customs. Without the right knowledge and skillset, businesses could struggle to transport their specialist and dangerous shipments.

Flexibility and adaptability

Freight forwarders will be able to adapt to changing situations quickly and efficiently. They will be used to having to be flexible in a fast-moving industry and will have the skills, knowledge, and processes already in place to cope. This means that you will have more freedom to change your mind or adjust your shipping processes when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Some freight forwarding companies, like PBS International, will also be able to offer advice and guidance on how best to deal with a changing situation and what the options are for next steps. They may even be able to advise on changes to make to avoid any transport issues and major delays that could cause a catastrophe for your business, allowing you to adjust your processes in a quick and easy manner.

Better security

Freight forwarding companies will usually operate with the best security and technology to protect your goods. This includes tracking your shipment as well as providing expert packing services to ensure your goods reach their intended destination intact. They will use a tried and tested system of digital and paper documents that are used to keep track of your shipments every step of the journey, reducing the risk of theft and giving you peace of mind that your goods are safe.

Warehouse services

Many freight forwarding companies can also provide additional services, such as warehouse facilities with pick and pack services, storage and distribution. These extra services can be a huge benefit for businesses, bringing the cost-effectiveness, expert knowledge, and flexibility that freight forwarders can provide with their shipping to other areas. Working with one reliable freight forwarder for all your warehouse and shipping needs will mean that your processes can be much more streamlined, leaving you to focus on other parts of your business that require your attention.

PBS International is an experienced international freight forwarder offering a complete range of specialised services to meet your business’s shipping and warehouse needs. Contact us for more information or get an international shipping quote today.

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