warehousing facilities


Naturally, our warehousing facilities provide you with all normal storage services. But in addition, PBS is one of the few companies approved by HM Customs and Excise to operate its own Enhanced Remote Transit Shed. This enables us to store uncleared consignments in our own warehouse, arrange Customs clearance at our customer’s convenience and eliminate delays at busy airport cargo sheds.


We are able to undertake every type of packing, whether it is for heavy cargo, personal and household effects, antiques or delicate items.

Distribution Pick & Pack

Where professional, bespoke Pick and Pack distribution is required we ensure all requirements are met, including the design and supply of special packaging where needed.

Supply of Packing Material

We can supply bespoke packing for most items including live animals. We offer a specific service that supplies custom made boxes for the safe transportation of family pets and all the boxes we supply are approved to travel on commercial airlines.

We are also experts in the transportation of all aero engines which require careful packing.