What is Freight Forwarding?

29th September 2020
Freight forwarding is a service for businesses and individuals alike to internationally ship goods. Freight forwarders take the stress out of shipping goods internationally and take care of all aspects of transportation and delivery as well as dealing with customs. A freight forwarder takes over the responsibility of getting the goods from point A to point B. Arranging pick up of the goods, preparing all documentation needed for the transportation, negotiating cost and booking the shipment, setting up insurance and tracking of ...
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Guide to Emigrating to Australia

One of the most beautiful and popular locations for UK citizens to emigrate to is Australia. The country boasts an amazing quality of life, stunning scenery, and a fantastic healthcare system for Australian citizens and emigrants alike. PBS International have put together the following guide on everything you need to know about emigrating to Australia. The guide outlines the research you need to conduct, the healthcare and education system, visas, working life, and retiring in Australia. PBS International have answered all the ...
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Online Pet Advertisements Beware!!

24th March 2015
Beware of pet scammers advertising pets for sale online! Please be EXTREMELY careful if you are looking to purchase a new pet, there are a huge number of advertisements listed online advertising pets for sale, which are in actual fact, SCAMS. The advertisements will typically list puppies/ dogs for sale at unusually low prices and often there will be a “sob story” explaining the reason behind “selling” the dog – I.E the owner has becoming ill, a family member has died and ...
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